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Hookmemeup is a meme directory made to promote the welfare of memes everywhere.

This community has open membership, and all posts are public. You may join and post, but please read the rules first. You may also, if you wish, just friend it to watch for new memes.

Also, when pimping a meme and/or commenting with an old meme URL in an entry, please use this format:

1. NO spamming. You get 1 warning if you spam the first time, the 2nd time you are just kicked out and banned.
2. NO meme starting on the actual community, there MUST be outside links.
3. You may pimp friends-only memes, however you MUST state that they are friends-only in the entry. Use the format we have provided in the textarea above. Also, be sure that the security option for the entry itself is set to 'public' :).

Thanks Bekka aka slowtech for the name idea.
Thanks ljsecret for the "borrowing" of the table codes.

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